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tisdag 20 juli 2010

Kennedy Mmbando the founder of USCUTA 2000

Project USCUTA USCUTA means the Universal of Sculpture Talents. The idea come when i started working in my studio year 2000 when I finished my sculpture course at Bagamoyo sculpture school. Consequently I decided to put my time in my USCUTA ideas. I began with some of my artist friends together with my two brothers.
USCUTA 2000 propasal area.
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 2010 USCUTA Tanzania is a large country with more than 42 million people. But there are only two art colleges in the country The aim of the exhibition was to bring together artists where they exchange experiences and view. Another is to expose and promote the country's art works.
MMBANDO KENNEDY FOUNDER OF USCUTA 2000 Now I want to create an art college in Kilimanjaro, with the aim of supporting young art talent to create an exchange between young artists in USA , Sweden and Tanzania even other country surch like South Afrika , UK etc if is posible. Now I am looking for more members from Europe where i am living to join my project and work in Tanzania. The goal is to exchange art skills . The workshop and exhibitions will be more att Kilimanjaro and Arusha city. Are you interesting in project? contact Maasai house

Uscuta 2000

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