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lördag 1 januari 2011

Utengenezaji wa makumbusho kubwa ya sanaa ya usasa

Warsaw to build modern art museum
A new Museum of Modern Art on Plac Defilad Square in Warsaw. Construction will begin straight after the end of the Euro 2012 soccer championship, Marcel Andino Velez, Deputy Director of the museum has told “Polish Market”.
Before that can happen, a tunnel has to be built under the future Museum’s foundations to link the existing metro line with the new 2nd line whose construction started a few weeks ago. The huge building, designed by the eminent Swiss architect Christian Kerez, apart from the Museum, will also house Grzegorz Jarzyna’s TR Warsaw theatre, which will be the most modern theatre in Poland. The building is designed in such as way as to draw to its interior the largest number of visitors, including thousands of ordinary people, offering them a spacious and friendly public space. The ground floor of the museum will be open from all directions. It will be fully glassed over and apart from exhibition space and theatre halls, it will have a large book shop, two restaurants and two cafes, as well as a concert hall and an auditorium, where concerts, film screenings and educational events will be held virtually every day. Initial estimates indicate that more than 800,000 people will visit the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw complex annually. The design plans of the building can be viewed at any time of day and night at an exhibition in front of the temporary Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, which is located in the Warsaw centre, between the two skyscrapers on the west side of Emilii Plater Street, near 3 Pańska Street. It is here that the Museum has operated for nearly three yeas, successively developing its exhibition and educational programme, building an art collection, and most importantly also building close ties with the public, most of all with Warsaw residents. Although currently the Museum is rather a pocket-sized institution, employing a staff of just ten and with a budget that is smaller than that of suburban cultural centres, its activities are becoming more noticeable and keep attracting more people. In 2009, more than 34,000 visitors walked through the modest doors of the temporary Museum home to take advantage of the free-of-charge cultural and educational events. In 2010 there will undoubtedly be even more visitors, if only due to the very popular “Warsaw under Construction” festival and which the “Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper critic Roman Pawłowski called “one of the most important cultural events that have appeared in Warsaw in the last 20 years”. In fact, the museum has received many positive reviews. The first exhibition organised in the Museum in the spring 2008 of was ranked in the Top 10 best exhibitions in the world in the annual ranking of the American art bible, ARTFORUM magazine; it was the first time that any exhibition from Poland had been placed in the ranking. A year later, an exhibition by the Polish sculptor Alina Szapocznikow, organised by the Museum, again was placed on this prestigious list. Such successes mean that the Museum is becoming more popular among the public. In 2009 the Society of Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw was formed, an organisation that brings together people from cultural and business circles who support the Museum. The Society, chaired by Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, communication director of Mecedes-Benz Polska, has more than 100 members. In 2009 a very valuable drawing titled “Museum” by Andrzej Wróblewski, one of the greatest Polish painters of the 20th century, was purchased by the Society from donations.

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