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måndag 19 mars 2012

Thompson Namukaba

NAME: Thompson Namukaba BORN: 1981, COUNTRY: ZAMBIA.
ARTIST STATEMENT: Personally, I believe nature has it, even for every answer we might be looking for. I owe my Artistic background to a typical rural of the African terrain. My works tell the story of Africa and Africans though with a universal language my subjects range from traditional Zambian life, landscapes and wild animals. As a younger boy growing up in a natural environment. Enjoying every bit of nature in its horrid peace, where fear and pleasure take sides to nurture courage in boys. Clay was my closest ally in learning and interpreting life around, as I molded clay into things of beauty, first for myself, then for others. For me that was life. Using my childhood loneliness hours on end at my preferred spot along the banks of Kawezyi river, for that quality clay soil, too overwhelmed to notice the passing of time. Alone I’d be, yet not lonely my company was with lifeless creatures of clay moulds and that type of bird music you’d hear in tree tops of quiet rivers. More story visit at

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