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måndag 7 maj 2012

Urban Art Promotion in Using Giant Clipper in Chaudfontaine Park, Belgium by Mehmet Ali Uysal

 Architects October 28 ,2010
Howe do you exactly promote something which isn´t a product as term of a real life thing that you can hold and feel,like food drinks and or clothing,but only your eys can enjoy?well the best idea is go crazy beyond your imagination.Promotion craze is need just like the dispaly of contemporary urban art in this  giant wooden clip which is being shown in Belgium at the Chaudfontaine park.
The great unusual design come form Mehmet Ali Uysal where the unusual park addition is replicated with the clip,a common simple tool daily used to clip our clothers when drying them out in the sun.Because of the huge and really out of the ordinary surrounding things the giant clipper automatically becomes the focal point.It´s as if that the urban art here really want to say that it should be given more ancouragement .So if you´re into urban art suggestion is go wilder than this and take that creative idea beyond the limit.

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