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onsdag 1 april 2015


Life when there is a star is a light of hope and forever love our creater yes  yeah!
G-upp eary in the morning ! Talalilalila yaeh!
The sound of Birds and kids telling you the day is begining .
I trust the way we beleave ,there is no perffectional in rea we actions ll need the truth among you is only the surfer of never survival.
You try to escape the reality and moving in Tryality the only strong can survival in this sheet.
The generation creation of profession power is me Kenn Dy around you teling you the reality before your nationality .We need the love and love is all we need .
Trying to enjoy the creation nature the polution is against solution .Do you feed your Ego against oss
because the Egoistic protecting the wrong spirit?
When its turn to you then you realise that i told you every things .Never denie the human code of nature is the key of ..........We survival and go around the mountains for years.

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